Chongqing Hui Gong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It Was established in May 2011. It is a mechanical manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of steel bar connecting coupler and cold extruding coupler. The company has two big production workshops with forging and fine processing.The tube is processed from raw materials to finished products. The work efficiency is improved so as to meet customers' requirement for batch production in time. The company is equipped with professional quality inspectors. We promise that "strict quality requirements for products are responsible for customers" and strive to achieve zero failure rate. The steel bar connecting coupler  produced by our company is qualified by the national standard "JGJ107-2010 steel bar mechanical connection technical specification" and "GB1499.2-2007 reinforced concrete ribbed steel bar", and has regular inspection certificate. The steel bar connection coupler produced by the company is suitable for construction of bridge, light rail and other construction sites. Durable, will not be broken and cracked, easy to connect, easy to operate, the company can also provide work wrench and wire rolling machine and other building auxiliary parts, providing technical services.